How Provision ISR Security Cameras and Surveillance Technology are protecting our children, staff, customers and family

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South African CCTV and surveillance solutions using Provision ISR

The buzz words in CCTV for 2019 are going to be video analytics and facial recognition. Whilst the technology has been around, tried and tested, it is now being customised for wider use. We will showcase how the Provision ISR CCTV and NVR series has solved significant security problems in the workplace, at schools, in the retail environment and at home.

NAT Security Solutions, one of Provision ISR’s leading distributors in CCTV and Surveillance Technology in South Africa has worked with installers to use analytics such as facial recognition to provide security solutions for schools, the workplace, retail and the home.

We will show you how you too can work with NAT Security Solutions and Provision ISR and think outside the box for your solutions.

Security in Schools, why NAT Security Solutions takes it so seriously.

Surveillance technology thinking outside the box

Surveillance technology and Provision ISR are not just about recording footage anymore. The inbuilt analytics have found novel application in the retail industry. People counting technology can help shop owners determine footfall. Crowd gathering can help determine hotspots instore. Face recognition can help identify VIP clients and more. NAT Security has regular CCTV training days where you can learn all that the new tech has to offer. You can also call their highly skilled team for solutions to your problems. In this series we will show you:

How we used CCTV Facial Recognition in Schools to give parents peace of mind

  • Learner arrivals, departures and no shows
  • Notification technology for parental peace of mind
  • Red flagging unknown and blacklisted people

CCTV Facial Recognition and analytics in the workplace

  • Work access cards a thing of the past
  • Workplace access faster and more accurate than ever before
  • Cleaner than biometrics
  • Retailers thinking outside the box with people counting, facial recognition, VIP on scene and Crowd Gathering CCTV analytics

CCTV and Facial Recognition for the home

  • Easier access for family members
  • Watching the perimeter inside and outside your gate
  • Notifications for peace of mind

Other Analytics

  • CCTV for Camera tampering
  • CCTV for Object monitoring
  • CCTV for People Intrusion

Closing – Getting you started with a ready-made CCTV kit

In the closing, we will share a few ready-made kits installers and registered dealers can use to get you set up. We work through our network of professional installers, so if you are not an installer let us know and we will guide you to the best, highly recommended and trusted installers in your area.

If you are a CCTV professional and not yet registered with us, click the links below to set up your account and become an official reseller.

Provision ISR Kit Provision ISR Kit

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NAT Security Solutions and Provision ISR in Schools

How we used CCTV Facial Recognition to give parents peace of mind

As a parent or guardian, you expect your children to be protected when they go to school or university. However, chilling stories, viral videos and the news constantly reminds us that more needs to be done. Easy access to schools allows perpetrators to get into the school, loiter and assess security conditions for break-ins or worse. Similarly, learners that have been suspended can get back onto school grounds and potentially inflict harm on teachers or other students.

Newly opened 105-million-rand state-of-the-art facility robbed. Suspects made off with 185 tablets, eight teachers’ laptops and other equipment.

While basic CCTV may be used to identify perpetrators after an incident, mitigating the risk beforehand is the better option. This is where Facial Recognition analytics on Provision ISR surveillance cameras have performed well in schools where they have been deployed.

NVR8-16400F(1U) 16CH 8MP Face Recognition NVR

Provision ISR have some of the best face recognition NVR’s on the MarketProvision ISR have some of the best face recognition NVR’s on the Market

Keeping suspicious characters out of schools in the first place –
Face Recognition NVR Search Modes

  • Smart Search
  • Face Recognition
  • Time-Slice and Event-Time
  • File Management

The Provision ISR CCTV camera has inbuilt facial recognition. The CCTV camera detects faces and then sends them to the NVR to be checked against a database of registered users. Any “uninvited” guests are flagged by the system for further action. A combination of analytics such as Facial Recognition and line crossing can be used to quickly identify anyone in a sensitive area such as a school computer room, lab or administration block.

Keeping kids in schools

  • 180 Faces per minute (All Channels)
  • 5 Faces per second (Single Channel)

Provision ISR CCTV in South African Schools

Parents will love this feature. When your child arrives at school, the system will send you a notification to let you know they have arrived safely. When they leave, you will be notified again. Should students decide to “bunk” or sneak out, parents and the school will be notified.

Closing – Your call to action

We may have already solved the problem you have. Talk to your installer. Once an installer understands your threats and needs, they can talk to their nearest NAT Security branch and pick the best Provision ISR cameras and NVR and set up the best analytics for the job. If you need an installer, speak to us and we can make a recommendation based on your area and required expertise.

If you have a child in school, if you oversee school security or if you are an installer looking for solutions, our expert team has the answers, give us a shout today.

Downloads and Links

NVR8-16400F(1U) Specs(1)

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NAT Security Solutions and Provision ISR –

CCTV Analytics for the workplace and retail space

In the last issue, we covered the importance of analytics in the school environment. We introduced tips on thinking outside the box for common school problems. The same analytics features can be deployed for the workplace.

South Africa’s retail sector is facing a hard-sell to cash-strapped consumers. Major outlets released their sales figures in January 2019.

First, we will touch on improving clock-in and clock-out timesheets. Second, we will look at the analytics you can deploy to improve customer service. If you are in retail, your Provision ISR camera can produce analytics to give you the edge. The retail industry is getting more competitive, and every advantage counts towards getting you ahead.

Get the ball rolling with our recommendations below.

5MP Provision ISR IP Box Camera | 16CH 5MP Provision ISR Real-time NVR

Workplace clock-in and clock-out faster, cleaner and more accurate than ever before

  • 180 Faces per minute (All Channels)

If you depend on accurate clock-in numbers, Provision ISR supply – without doubt one of the best systems on the market.

It’s better than clock cards and biometrics. The system will look for a living face and body and cannot be fooled. Come try out our demo model to see the accuracy of the system. It’s also better than biometrics. The reason! Speed! There is no single file shuffling. The system does all the work and recording for you. Also, in flu season everyone is a little less exposed.

Retailers, is your CCTV thinking outside the box?

  • People counting
  • Facial recognition
  • VIP on the scene
  • Crowd Gathering
  • CCTV analytics

Provision ISR People Counting

Data related to customer footfall (people counting) and dwell zones (crowd gathering) all count towards your insights. If dedicated teams meticulously pay attention to online data, is it not essential to do the same instore? With Provision ISR cameras and NVRs you can utilise people counting, VIP on Scene and crowd gathering analytics to understand how many people are in store at any given time, staff to match, VIP spenders, etc.

Closing – Your call to action

If you are in retail, the high roller space, manufacturing, public sector services – just about any heavy foot traffic space Provision ISR is the answer to help your analyse your data in more depth than ever before.

Downloads and Links

BX-291IP5 Specs

330IP5 340IP5 331IP5 251IP5 VF Series Manual

NVR5 Series User Manual (Ossia)

NVR5-16400(1U) Specs

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NAT Security Solutions and Provision ISR –

CCTV and Facial Recognition for the home

CCTV for the home is nothing new. However, the shortcoming with many old systems is that they cannot “think and warn” you in advance. Provision ISR is the answer. Triggers can be set so the system can communicate with you and give you useful data before incident occur. We will give you a few scenarios.

Home invasions are all too often caught on CCTV, but perpetrators are long gone when you get to the footage. New analytics features can be used to create zones and notify you in advance to take pre-emptive action.


What is your favourite Provision ISR analytics feature?

Provision ISR HD Dash Cams

Tell us and you could win one of three Provision ISR HD Dash Cams. Share your application on our Facebook page or email us. Competition end March 31st, 2019.

Get your smart home going with a 4, 8 or 16 channel kit
8 Channel Conventional IP Provision ISR CCTV Kit

8 Channel Conventional IP Provision ISR CCTV Kit

Scenario one – using object monitoring to keep an eye on your perimeter

Any security specialist will tell you, theft is premeditated. Perpetrators will watch for weak points to strike and generally avoid situations that could get “too complicated”. Object monitoring can be used to identify vehicles outside your perimeter and alert you. Smart search can be used to pull up related analytics to assess frequency, times, dwell time etc. This intelligence can then be used to take the necessary precautions or action. Other reasons for analytics in the home include:

  • Face recogntion. Safer and faster than searching for remotes and keys
  • Notifications to your mobile device. Log in after notification to avoid false alarms
  • Object monitoring. Watch designated areas for suspicious activity.

Scenario two – face recognition to give short term access to temporary staff

Face recognition is a great tool to give access to your family and guests. Areas such as swimming pools can be closed off to minors with an accompanying adult. Temporary gardening and cleaning teams can be granted temporary access. This can be revoked after the service is complete. This way, keys and remotes stay safe without hindering work.

Analytics can also be used to keep people from specific areas without the cost of physical barriers. There are many more applications for your analytics around the home.

  • Face Recognition
  • Smart Search
  • Camera Tampering
  • Line Crossing
  • Sterile Area
  • Object Monitoring

Closing – Your call to action

What is your favourite Provision ISR analytics feature?

If you are looking for a solution for your home set up, we recommend one of our kits and a professional installer. Give us a call for our recommendations.

Downloads and Links

NVR5-8200X+(MM) Specs

DI-390IP5S36 Specs

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NAT Security Solutions and Provision ISR –

Other analytics features on our CCTV cameras

In this series we looked at a few video analytics features and the impact they can have on improving your surveillance systems. Below we take you through more of the Provision ISR Intelligent Video Analytics features and their application.

What is your favourite Provision ISR analytics feature?
Tell us and you could win one of three HD Dash Cams. Share your application on our Facebook page or email us. Competition end March 31st, 2019.

Sterile Area

Detects if any object/person entered the defined area.

  • Up to 4 zones can be monitored.

Provision ISR Sterile Area

Camera tampering

  • Can detect and alarm three situations:
  1. Camera shifting: in case the camera was forcibly moved out of place.
  2. Camera masking: detects if the camera was covered or tampered with in a way that blocks its view.
  3. Lens tampering: detects lens tampering causing blurred image.

Object monitoring

  • Monitors either missing or left objects
  • Up to 4 objects/areas can be monitored

People Intrusion

Covers the whole scene

  • Detects people movement
  • The alarm trigger is based on the definition of schedule

Provision ISR People Intrusion

Software and Apps

Provision Cam2 is a free application for iOS & Android devices. It is compatible with all NVRs, DVRs and static IP Cameras. Thanks to the push notification, the user will be able to watch the live video of the installed cameras avoiding false alarms. When the event occurs, the burglar alarm system is activated and generates a “push” warning directly on the mobile device of the user who can verify the event detected by the cameras.

Customised Push Notification:

  • Motion event Push Notification
  • Sensor event Push Notification
  • Analytics event Push Notification
  • System event Push Notification
  • Push Message type live/playback

Closing – Your call to action

The analytics features on Provision CCTV cameras and NVRs give you a new layer of security. The ability to cordon off specific zones electronically, put alarms on monitored zones, assess crowd sizes and more.

Provision ISR App

Talk to us and your installer about the possibilities.

Free Downloads and Links
Provision Cam2 for iOS & Android devices is compatible with all NVRs, DVRs and static IP Cameras.



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Your call to action –

Contact NAT Security Solutions for a Provision ISR CCTV Kit to get started

Over the last few weeks, we introduced you to surveillance analytics and Facial Recognition on the Provision ISR range of CCTV Cameras and NVR’s. If you are an installer your call to action is simple, visit us or call us to register and get access to the full range of products on offer. If you are an end user let us know and we will help you find what you need.

A Quick Recap of Facial Recognition on Provision ISR Cameras

Face Recognition is part of the Intelligent Video Analytics functions developed by Provision ISR. If the “face detection” is managed by the camera; the “face recognition” is managed by the NVR.

  1. A single camera can detect, trace and evaluate 5-10 faces simultaneously, depending on the scene conditions.

Provision ISR Face Recognition

  1. A maximum of 10,000 face pictures can be stored in the NVR face database.
  2. The NVR supports various triggers and responses upon detection.
  3. Search Functions
  • A single person or a group search
  • Find all the events where a person was recognised
  • Quick backup and playback data export
  • Search new and existing faces using Provision Cam2 Mobile App.
  1. Database and Mobile Functions
  • Detected faces can be registered with a single click.
  • Database can be securely exported and imported to other devices.
  • New faces can be added to the database through Provision Cam2 Mobile App.
  • The database can be managed locally and remotely using the Web-Client.
  1. After uploading an E-map and positioning all the related cameras over it, you will be able to search for a person, and the system will show his track over the map by time order and play related video playback.
  2. The system offers recognition statistics charts

Your call to action

NAT Security Solutions would like to invite you to see the features in action. We have excellent training sessions scheduled for 2019 in our dedicated training room. We know the importance of keeping up with the tools and solutions on offer. Visit our website training centre to keep up to date.

Provision ISR Solutions for your application
Solutions for your application

Finally, we also share regularly on Facebook and LinkedIn – so click these links to follow all the latest trends, new products, competitions, specials and features. Share your views and talk to our experts.

Free Downloads and Links
Provision Cam2 for iOS & Android devices is compatible with all NVRs, DVRs and static IP Cameras.

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