Important Notice

To our valued customers and patrons,

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers for showing us support during this difficult time. We are sure that you, like us, are watching the news and keeping informed of this pandemic Covid-19 outbreak.

Please urgently place your orders today so they can be sent out before Thursdays lockdown.

We encourage you to keep your stock levels ready so that at the end of the lockdown period you have all you need to hit the ground running. Courier companies are expected to have massive backlog so don’t wait to order on the 16th.

Measures are being taken to ensure our availability via the following

Emergency phone number 083 307 0564

Email –

As we are a provider of essential services, in case of emergencies we will open between 9am and 12pm – only by request and pre-arrangement.

All other orders will be taken over the period and these will be fulfilled soon after we reopen.

We remain committed to delivering the best possible assistance during these unprecedented and challenging times.

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